Kids and Technology

Is it just me that thinks each new generation enjoys a brief period at the top of the technology food chain?  By this I mean Kids just get it. They seem to instinctively know how something is expected to work.   When you get to parental age I believe your ability to pickup new technology skills stagnates.  Once at Grandparent age the skills you once had seem to leave you as equipment and services are updated.  Over time you may even become techno phobic.   We will all be left behind in the race to master new technologies at some point.     We have all seen kids texting at 1 million thumb presses a second without even looking at the phone.  You may notice that you are no longer the go to person to help setup the new video games console.  Perhaps it is evolution at work.

Don’t despair, all is not lost.  What you do hold onto is your wider/deeper knowledge of an overall procedure.  You may not retain all the intricate details but you do keep a sense of what is the right and wrong ways to do something.   I think Cloud Computing is a fine example of this.  We don’t know how the global network of datacentres work and we don’t need to.  We just need to know it helps us do what we need with none of the IT worries and hassles that used to plague us.   We can now let the Kids worry about all that.